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Is ‘Inclusion’ leading to Exclusion?

Do you speak Autism?

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I have made an (apparently) controversial choice regarding James’ transition to school this September. Despite attempts by various professionals to dissuade me, I am determined that James should go to a special school rather than our local mainstream primary.

The difficult thing about Autism is that two children with a diagnosis of ASD might have very different needs when it comes to education. However, approximately 70% of UK school age children with ASD do attend mainstream school, so I am seen to be going against the grain with my decision- especially since most children that attend a special school do not do so from their reception year. But it is not a choice I have made lightly; in fact, up until as recently as this week, I have agonised over it.

Having said this, hearing recent stories in the press that children with Autism are being denied education due a…

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